Get Off the Couch: Market season winding down

Get Off the Couch: Market season winding down

November 26th, 2012 by Barry Courter and Lisa Denton in Life Entertainment

LISA DENTON: Barry, you seem to be going through some kind of withdrawal, and I'm betting it's because Chattanooga Market was closed Sunday. To make up for that post-Thanksgiving break, the vendors will set up shop on two days this weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

But I have to warn you, if you were missing the market after one off weekend, you're going to be really hurting soon. This will be the last weekend to find the vendors at First Tennessee Pavilion.

BARRY COURTER: You know I am a big fan of the market. I've completely changed my eating habits in large part because of the availability of the fresh and local produce it has provided over the years. And I am much more cognizant of supporting local artists and craftmakers whenever possible.

Which is all a long way around saying that this weekend is opportunity to shop, buy nice things for friends and family and help the local economy.

LISA: It is truly one of Chattanooga's biggest success stories and for all the good reasons you listed. And I'm happy when you and Kelley cook with the foods you buy from the vendors and there's enough left to share with me. I love having leftovers from Courters' Kitchen.

So Holiday Market, the last hurrah at the pavilion, will be Saturday and Sunday, but there'll be two more shopping chances. Holiday Market Too will move the action indoors to the Chattanooga Convention Center for three Saturdays and Sundays leading up to Christmas, as well as Friday, Dec. 21.

That's a lot of local goods and services to keep in mind for gift-giving.

BARRY: I like the leftovers a lot, too, which is why we, technically speaking, don't generate a lot of leftovers.

It is great to see how the market has grown over the years. Two days this weekend, and then the Holiday Market Too is remarkable, but don't forget that the General Store, which is a Chattanooga Market-owned and operated storefront for the vendors, is open year-round at Warehouse Row.

LISA: Oh, and St. Marks Church -- Northshore will present a Christkindlmarkt on Saturday and Sunday. I would like to buy a vowel for that name, but I've learned the pronunciation is fairly simple: Kris-KIN-dill-mart. It's said to be modeled after traditional markets held during the Christmas season in Germany and Austria. They'll have local retailers, specialty foods and arts and crafts.

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