Taziki's offers Greek-inspired dishes

Taziki's offers Greek-inspired dishes

October 10th, 2012 by Barry Courter in Life Entertainment

The grilled lamb gyro at Taziki's comes with potato chips, and you can choose an additional side of basmati rice, roasted new potatoes, pasta salad, fresh fruit or tomato-cucumber salad.

The grilled lamb gyro at Taziki's comes with...

Photo by Barry Courter /Times Free Press.


The place: Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe, 432 Market St.

The dish: Grilled lamb gyro.

The cost: $9.29.

It's a lame excuse, but parking kept me from trying Taziki's before last week. But after hearing from several people about how much they enjoy the place, I headed over to Market Street. I got the parking spot right smack in front, so that excuse was gone, and it never was that big a deal anyway.

I was overwhelmed by the number of good selections on the menu but decided to go simple with a grilled lamb gyro. I didn't pay attention enough to realize it came with potato chips, so I ordered roasted new potatoes as my side. The cashier must have thought I really like potatoes.

The chips I could have done without altogether. The new potatoes were tasty and a good choice.

The front of the menu says the dishes at Taziki's are inspired by the Greek Islands, markets in the Mediterranean and mom's kitchen. I'd say that was a fair description; the gyro was tasty, but it didn't have that "cooked this way for generations" flavor.

The meat was tender and worked well with the tomatoes, lettuce, grilled onions and tzatziki sauce. Packed inside a soft pita, it was a mighty fine sandwich.

The menu also offers a variety of salads, gyros, sandwiches and entrees, including herb-roasted pork loin, chargrilled lamb, grilled tilapia and the Dolmades Plate, which features grilled grape leaves.