Get Off the Couch: Corn mazes, flying dogs and music coming up

Get Off the Couch: Corn mazes, flying dogs and music coming up

September 17th, 2012 by Barry Courter and Lisa Denton in Life Entertainment

BARRY COURTER: Lisa, get lost. I mean at one of the many corn mazes in the area, of course. They have popped up everywhere. Some have petting zoos, playgrounds, pumpkin patches, wagon rides, food and inflatables. You can literally lose yourself in all the fun.

LISA DENTON: I see what you did there - corn mazes popping up. You know how I love a good pun. Assuming there is such a thing as a good pun.

Yes, you can head just about any direction this fall and find a corn maze.

BARRY: But can you find your way out?

LISA: State agriculture officials call this trend agritourism.

BARRY: You mean like little Timmy and Britney are going to get up on a Saturday and beg Mom and Dad for some agritourism?

LISA: Well, probably not. Families just call it fun.

So far, Old McDonald's Farm in Sale Creek and Grandaddy's Farm in Estill Springs, Tenn., are open. Starting Thursday, Rock City's Enchanted Maize in Flintstone, Ga., will be ready. The River Maze in Ocoee, Tenn., and Down on the Farm Corn Maze in Rainsville, Ala., will follow Saturday. The last weekend of September will get two more: Mayfield Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch in Athens, Tenn., on Sept. 28 and Guthrie Pumpkin Farm and Corn Maze in Riceville, Tenn., on Sept. 29. In October, most of them add nighttime tours on weekend nights. Now that'll be spooky.

BARRY: You won't catch me in a corn maze at night. I'm a sissy that way and not too proud to admit it.

If it's music you want, one of the better groups to make a big impact on MTV, Arrested Development, is at Track 29 on Thursday. This was rescheduled from an earlier date. "Tennessee," "Mr. Wendal" and "People Everyday" were/are great songs. I can still remember scenes from all three videos.

LISA: Don't forget the high-flying dogs are back Saturday and Sunday at AT&T Field for the Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship. It's amazing to watch these dogs leap into action to catch a flying disc.

BARRY: They are amazing. And speaking of flying discs, Camp Jordan has added a disc golf course. That should be really cool and it's the perfect place and a good complement to The Sinks Disc Course at the North River Soccer Complex. It's a tight wooded course, and the one at Camp Jordan will be longer and more open. The two require different skills.