Get Off the Couch: Music, baseball, funny gals

Get Off the Couch: Music, baseball, funny gals

April 1st, 2013 by Barry Courter and Lisa Denton in Life Entertainment


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LISA DENTON: Well, Barry, the Easter feast is over and I'm wondering if deviled eggs and angel food cake cancel each other out.

I should work off some of those calories during Tennessee State Natural Areas Week. For nine days starting Saturday, you can discover some of the backwoods beauties around the region. By that, I mean waterfalls and wildflowers, not rural women.

BARRY COURTER: The rural women idea could have legs, so to speak. We might need to research it further.

There is a lot to do this week and it kicks off a busy month. Thoma s Heland has put together another Backporch Hootenanny this weekend at Cherokee Farms in LaFayette, Ga. I attended one of the early ones and was blown away by the property itself and how perfect it is for such a get-together. Performing will be Jim Lauderdale, The Ragbirds, Strung Like a Horse, Rev. Jeff Mosier & Caroline Aiken and others.

Also, comic Chonda Pierce is coming back, which gives me the chance to repeat her very funny line describing the women in the church she grew up in: "Hair up, dress down." Makes me laugh every time.

LISA: That's funny, but the other way around is more fun ... I hear.

BARRY: Heeeyyy-oooo.

LISA: She puts on a good show. She'll be at Memorial Auditorium on Saturday, and another funny lady, Etta May, will be at The Comedy Catch starting Thursday.

And the Lookouts kick off their regular season at home on Thursday against the Huntsville Stars.

BARRY: The Looks also will play the Chattanooga State Nine at AT&T Field on Tuesday in an exhibition game at 7:15 p.m. My old high school teammate Greg Dennis coaches the Tigers, and they've made it close lately against the professionals. Two years ago the score was 4-2, and last year it was 1-0.

LISA: I'm also thinking about seeing "Jurassic Park" when the 3-D version is released Friday. When the original came out in June 1993, my daughter begged me for weeks on end to take her and her younger brother to see it. It was rated PG-13, and they were 7 and 5 at the time. I resisted until the end of summer while literally everyone they knew saw it, and finally relented just before school started. The kids seemed fine in the theater, but the minute we got home, my daughter turned to me and announced disapprovingly, "I don't think that was appropriate."

The memory still makes me laugh and sigh.

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