Get Off The Couch: 'Tis the season to hurry up

Get Off The Couch: 'Tis the season to hurry up

December 16th, 2013 by Barry Courter and Lisa Denton in Life Entertainment

BARRY COURTER: Lisa, it's hurry-up time. This is the time of year when everybody must hurry up and finish their shopping, decorating and getting those Christmas cards out. We are running out of days.

It's also time to hurry up and take in a couple of events while you still can. This is the last weekend for Chattanooga Market's Holiday Market at the Chattanooga Convention Center and the final weekend to see "A Christmas Story, The Musical" at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre.

LISA DENTON: Yikes, you're right. There's just one more weekend before Christmas. The market, of course, has gifts galore, not to mention musical entertainment and Santa Claus. You know how I like burly men with beards. It's how I get my ho-ho-ho on. Ha ha ha.

BARRY: Heyyy-oooo.

LISA: This is the first year the market has opened inside the Convention Center all three December weekends before Christmas, and I hope they're getting good crowds.

The Theatre Centre found a way to put a new spin on a classic with this musical version of "A Christmas Story." In an editors meeting the other day, I actually sang "You'll shoot your eye out" to describe it - Robert Goulet-style, no less, and complete with a sweeping arm gesture. As I recall, that five-word performance was met with stunned silence by the others around the table. I think they must have been surprised by the depth of my talent.

BARRY: That would be the definition of awestruck, I imagine. Speechless. They've never seen you rock a kazoo either, so I'm not surprised. Or maybe they are like me and now hear only Will Ferrell imitating Goulet. So this was you doing Ferrell doing Goulet doing Ralphie. I can see where they might have been stunned.

LISA: Hee-hee. Yes, I see your point.

BARRY: Anyway, as I said earlier this month, I did a lot of my Christmas shopping last year at the market and have done the same this year. It's good to support local, and they have some great stuff.

LISA: Yes, and it's a lot of different stuff all in one place. One-stop shopping is always good. I've bought several things at the Holiday Market over the years, though I must confess, some I've kept as gifts for myself. You know that saying "Charity begins at home"? At my house, so does Christmas gift-giving.

BARRY: You can always buy two, you know.

LISA: And don't forget that James Rogers will do his annual "Home for the Holidays" concert Thursday night at the Catoosa County Colonnade in Ringgold.

BARRY: James has made that into a holiday tradition for a lot of folks, and good for him.

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