Arts Brief

Arts Brief

January 6th, 2013 by Staff Report in Life Entertainment

Book for kids and parents

Dakota Brown wants parents to enjoy the books they read to their children as much as their children do. So the Chattanooga resident has written and published a book of poems and doodles titled "Tidbits and Sundries: A Cutesy Patootsy Collection of Poems."

The book is a 66-page collection of poems ranging from haiku to epic, illustrated by a cast of characters simply called "Tidbits." With subject matter ranging from Santa Claus and ninjas to reaching for your dreams and living as an orphan, Brown, who also has written plays performed at Chattanooga Theatre Centre, says he hopes the book tickles the funny bone and caresses the heart. "Tidbits and Sundries" is available online at Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million and Amazon.

Brown began his writing career during a sketch comedy course at Chicago's "Second City." Since then, he has penned such plays as "Abandon All Hope, Mikey-Mike," "Sunday in the South" and "Following Orion."