Mohney: Marriage:'With this ring, I thee wed'

Mohney: Marriage:'With this ring, I thee wed'

July 6th, 2013 by By Nell Mohney in Life Entertainment

It was the wedding of my favorite (and only) grandson, Wes Mohney, and his beautiful bride, Honor Hostetler. Honor has all the wonderful attributes of her mother, Linda Hostetler, my treasured friend.

Among the wedding festivities was the rehearsal dinner, held at the Walden Club, and hosted by Ralph Mohney, best man for his son, Wes, and Jackie Mohney. Wes gave a beautiful tribute to his parents, giving special thanks that his mother's cancer is in remission.

The wedding ceremony, led by William Dudley and held at Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church, was a true worship experience. It really began for me when the two families shared Holy Communion together in Marr Chapel before the wedding.

Then the three grandmothers had the privilege, before being escorted into the sanctuary, of being seated in a nearby area to hear the classical wedding music by organ, trumpet and soloist.

Among the wedding attendants were 16 attractive young people who were close friends or family members of the bride and groom. As a result, there was a warm sense of friendship among all of us who knew them.

Soon after Honor was walked down the aisle by both her parents, appropriate Scriptures were read, including St. Paul's great hymn to love, 1 Corinthians 13, and Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. I was surprised and deeply moved when one of the Scriptures was read from my late husband's Bible. As Wes said to me, "Granddad was definitely with us tonight."

Of course, one of the highlights of the wedding for me was seeing my 21/2-year-old great-grandson, Jackson Gray, serve as ring bearer. Later, I learned he was promised gummy bears if he did well. He did well, and he ate the gummy bears with great enthusiasm.

Most of all, there was an overwhelming sense of the blessing of God on the young couple and their marriage.

Afterwards, Stratton Hall was transformed into a place of magical beauty for the reception hosted by the bride's family. The event was full of fun and well-wishers before the newlyweds departed. Happy life together, Honor and Wes.

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