Mohney: When your spirit is dry, deal with spiritual dehydration

Mohney: When your spirit is dry, deal with spiritual dehydration

July 20th, 2013 by By Nell Mohney in Life Entertainment

In physics, the law of entropy says all systems, left unattended, will run down. Unless new energy is pumped in, the organism will disintegrate.

Entropy is at work in many areas other than physics. It's true in businesses, in churches, in marriages, in the human body and the human spirit. Have you ever felt that your soul had wrinkles on it, that it is dry, parched, dehydrated?

For me, it happened in 1993. I kept remembering the story of an American businessman on safari in Africa. With typical energy, he attacked the jungle as he would a business problem. Every day, he and his native guide started early and charged with high speed through the underbrush. By the third day, the guide was slowing down. By the fourth day, he stopped completely. When the businessman demanded to know why, the guide replied, "I have to let my spirit catch up with my body."

I was experiencing that in my own spirit. I felt like the flowers in my yard in 90-degree heat. They seemed to be crying out for water. The image of Jesus and the woman at the well kept popping into my mind. When he told her he could give her living water, she replied, "Please, sir, I need some of that water." In my mind, I was saying, "Please, sir, I need some of that water."

My answer came at that time of spiritual dehydration when my friends Ray and Georgianna Webb invited me to attend The Walk to Emmaus, a 72-hour spiritual renewal retreat. But a retreat is not necessary to recharge. You can simply turn off the television and take time to relax, read the Bible or other inspiring material, and pray. If you do it on a daily basis, you won't experience entropy.

For me, weekly worship is also a time to recharge, as well as being out in God's great out-of-doors, listening to music or spending quality time with family and good friends.

Whatever you do, don't let the noise and busyness of the world dehydrate your spirit.

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