Mohney: Hold on, don't run, take one step more

Mohney: Hold on, don't run, take one step more

June 29th, 2013 by Nell Mohney in Life Entertainment

The title of the book intrigued me: "When God Says No," by Margaret Johnston.

I bought it and enjoyed it. Three of her experiences I will never forget.

The first happened when Margaret's mother took her and some friends to the lake for a picnic. Since none of them could swim, Mrs. Johnston had cautioned the girls against wading out into deep water.

One of the children walked out further than she intended and was suddenly in water over her head. Thinking quickly, Mrs. Johnston sent for help while she climbed a tree, got out on a limb and held the frightened child's hand. While they waited for help to arrive, she said quietly, "Hold on, honey, hold on."

The second experience happened when Margaret's mother came home from the hospital with a new baby.

She placed the baby in a cradle near the open fire, got too close to the flames and her robe caught on fire. In the hallway, her husband saw what was happening and screamed to her, "Don't run, Maggie, don't run." He quickly smothered the flames with a quilt, and holding her, said, "Thank God, you didn't run, Maggie."

The final experience came during the terminal illness of Margaret Johnston's father.

He was a very large man, and a male attendant was employed to lift him in and out of bed. One day while the attendant was out to lunch, Mr. Johnston begged to be helped to the front porch to see the roses he had planted.

Though they were apprehensive about it, Margaret and her mother agreed to try. They had him put one arm around each of their shoulders and started walking toward the door.

Suddenly, his legs gave way beneath him. Knowing that they couldn't lift him back to bed, Mrs. Johnston encouraged him softly saying, "Take one step more, just one step more."

Mr. Johnston enjoyed the beauty of his flowers. Early the next day, he died.

When you're having a hard time in life, remember: Hold on. Don't run. Take one step more.

Nell Mohney is a Christian author, motivational speaker and seminar leader. She may be reached at nell