Casting directors seeking reality TV subjects

Casting directors seeking reality TV subjects

March 31st, 2013 by Staff Report in Life Entertainment

Casting directors from the Discovery Channel will be in Tennessee in a couple of weeks looking for "chefs, experts and people with big personalities" to base a new television series around.

"We are interested in family businesses and families with a child star in the making but are open to other ideas as well," said Lauren Macmillan, who's with Discovery Studios, the network's in-house production company.

While her plan is to visit Nashville, Macmillan says if she finds the right person or a number of potential talents in Chattanooga, she may come here as well.

Anyone interested should send as much info about "why you would be good for TV and what we would see if we were to follow you on a day-to-day basis" to Pictures should also be sent.