Get Off the Couch: Lake Winnie set to SoakYa

Get Off the Couch: Lake Winnie set to SoakYa

May 20th, 2013 by Barry Courter and Lisa Denton in Life Entertainment

LISA DENTON: OK, Barry, we're coming up on Memorial Day weekend, which means an extra day to get off the couch. You know how I feel about swimming (nickname: Rock), but I'm tempted to try out the new SoakYa Water Park, which opens Friday at Lake Winnepesaukah.

You couldn't pay me to get on the Racing Slide and I'm a little leery of the Wave Lagoon, but how dangerous could the Lazy River be?

BARRY COURTER: Have I told you about "riding" the giant water slide at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon? Without going into too much detail, just think of swim trunks as floss and a lifeguard, who probably sees a couple hundred plummeters a day, doubled over laughing. That's what I remember about my experience.

It is pretty big news that Lake Winnie is opening this new water park. I predict it will make a big splash on the local fun scene.

LISA: Big splash. I see what you did there. Speaking of beaches, Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department is having a Beach Blanket Movie Night at Chester Frost Park on Friday. It sounds all Frankie and Annette, but the movie is a 2012 Disney release, with no beehive hairdos to be found. According to the Hamilton County website, "due to licensing restrictions we cannot advertise the name of the movie; we can, however, say that it's a 2012 Disney studios release about a video game 'Bad Guy' who turns good."

BARRY: Not going to lie, Annette was my favorite Mouseketeer. Must have been her fine acting.

LISA: Even dressed like a Mouseketeer, she was beautiful. Not everybody can pull off the mouse ears.

BARRY: No doubt.

We also have a lot of things coming up this weekend in addition to those. A whole bunch of professional bicyclists will be in town for races on Saturday and Memorial Day for the Volkswagen USA Cycling's Professional Road and Time Trials National Championships.

The 1890s Day Jamboree is in Ringgold on Saturday and Sunday, too. And the Chattanooga Football Club is back at Finley Stadium for a soccer game Saturday as well.

LISA: And if we back up to Tuesday of this week, we might even get the chance to "Come on down" on The Price Is Right Live show at the Tivoli Theatre. I don't get a chance to see the CBS version of the show with Drew Carey very often, but I still have fond memories of when Bob Barker was host. Heck, I even have fond memories of Bob Barker hosting "Truth or Consequences."

When we were kids, my brother and I used to fight over which show we'd watch (only one TV, of course, back then). He'd want to see "The Lucy Show," and I'd want to watch "Truther," as I called it back then.

BARRY: Oh man, we used to fight over the TV "remote" at our house, too. It was a pair of pliers. One of us had stripped the actual TV knob, so it was useless.

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