Get Off The Couch: ZZ Top, brides, polo on tap

Get Off The Couch: ZZ Top, brides, polo on tap

September 9th, 2013 by Barry Courter and Lisa Denton in Life Entertainment

LISA DENTON: You know, Barry, the way I see it, ZZ Top ought to be on everybody's list of favorite bands. They've got musical chops. They've got longevity. They've got beards!

And who couldn't find a favorite song among "Legs," "Sharp Dressed Man," "Gimme All Your Lovin'," "Tush," "La Grange"?

I could go on, but my point is that the "Tres Hombres" from Texas will be at Memorial Auditorium on Friday. Time to go get yourself some cheap sunglasses. Oh, yeah.

BARRY COURTER: "Haw, haw, haw." I'm pretty sure I saw all of their past shows at McKenzie Arena, and they were always a lot of fun. While neither guitarist Billy Gibbons nor bassist Dusty Hill are what you might call animated, there is plenty to look at and listen to. Their stage shows were always entertaining. There's just something about those beards, I suppose. Heck, it works for the "Duck Dynasty" boys, doesn't it?

LISA: Darn tootin'.

And I know a bridal fair may not be high on your list of priorities this week, but since I'm in the market for a mother-of-the-bride dress, I think it behooves me to check out the Enchanted Evening bridal expo that the Times Free Press is sponsoring Thursday night at the Chattanooga Convention Center. This is the only bridal fair that's held after dark and, to my knowledge, the only one that serves champagne.

BARRY: I know there is a joke in there about mothers-in-law, after dark and alcohol, but I'll leave it alone because, as you point out, the folks who sign my check are throwing the shindig. And I'm pretty excited for you and your wonderful daughter. You both deserve the perfect wedding, and the Bridal Affair is a good place to get ideas, information, contacts and maybe even a bag full of free stuff.

LISA: Free stuff? I hadn't even thought about the free stuff, but that would be a nice change since we're right in the middle of down payments and deposits. Plus that's one of my mottos: If it's free, it's for me.

BARRY: You know what else is coming up? Polo matches at Bendabout Farm in McDonald, Tenn. I might have to get my pony out of storage and gallop on over there the next two weekends.

LISA: Don't forget that these are internationally ranked polo players on world-class steeds. Admission to the matches is free, but I would pay money to see you ride in on a Shetland pony.

BARRY: Dang, what did a poor ol' pony do to you to wish such a thing?

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