The Sounds of Silence: Riverbend Silent Disco a chance to dance or just watch

The Sounds of Silence: Riverbend Silent Disco a chance to dance or just watch

June 6th, 2014 by Barry Courter in Life Entertainment

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* What: Silent Disco featuring T-Rx and Moonchild

* When: 9:30-11 p.m. tonight.

* Where: Bud Light Stage.

* Admission: Riverbend 9-day wristband ($50); one-day wristband ($26).

DJs T-Rx and Moonchild earned the right to perform simultaneously at the Silent Disco, a new feature at the festival, via a competition at JJs Bohemia in April. Two other winners will perform there Saturday night and two more on Sunday. If the expected crowds show up, the Silent Disco will be repeated next Friday and Saturday.

I'm going with this as my first Critic's Choice for two reasons. First, it's a chance to check out some of our area's best DJs. For you older folks, these are not the guys who played your favorite hits at the sock hop. A good modern DJ takes beats and snippets from any number of songs and recasts them into a whole new song.

The second reason to check this out is the spectacle. The silent disco at Bonnaroo is one of the more popular attractions because it's just plain fun and funny to watch.

The way it works is that participants are given a pair of headphones. Only they can hear what is being played, but you can watch them as they dance and gyrate in what seems like silence.

At Riverbend, there will be two DJs playing different songs, so half the crowd may be dancing and singing along to a Kanye West number while the other half is grooving to The Gap Band. Think Eddie Murphy in the prison scene in "Beverly Hills Cop" singing along to "Roxanne." Only with dancing.

There will be a limited number of headphones available, so be sure to show up early for a spot.

In addition, Riverbend is setting the whole thing up in front of the Bud Light Stage and it will take place while the headliner, Gary Allan is performing over on the Coca-Cola Stage. The sound tech guys will have the ability to switch over the headphone feed to music from the Coke Stage, adding still another twist.

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