Blog: Get ready to vote on "American Idol"

Blog: Get ready to vote on "American Idol"

February 11th, 2009 by Phil Stacey in Local Regional News

I can almost feel the fingers across America stretching for the voting marathon. The first 10 minutes of the Tuesday show has already given the die-hard fans many reasons to debate online on who they believe is the best so far.

Adam Lambert started the day off singing "Believe" by Cher. No, that was not a typo. And yes - he did actually pull it off. Although he was my favorite from his original audition city, he has fallen off my radar. His over-the-top emotional singing isn't really my style but at least he is making the songs work for him.

Also, he will have the pseudo-angst teen vote behind him - if any of them are watching.

Next, Matt Girard played a killer "Georgia On My Mind" on the piano. I really liked it. From his first audition he has reminded me a bid of Chris Richardson.

Jamar Rogers put his own twist on the Plain White T's "Hey There Delilah," while his friend - and one of my favorites - Danny Gokey, did an amazing rendition of "I Hope You Dance." America is going to enjoy the story line of these two friends making it farther into the season together. I'm sure the producers think it would make great TV also.

But be forewarned... if they both make it through, they will be in the bottom two at some point during the season together. But I have a suspicion that one of them may get cut tomorrow... We shall see.

During the evening there were many who chose to sing "AI" alum songs. This is my wife's biggest pet peeve. The comparison with the past Idol can never be good. It must not bother the judges too much because most made it through to the top 60.

Scott McEntyre, the blind piano "genius" has finally made it back in front of the camera. He sang Chris Daughtry's "Home". I was expecting better from him but, since he did make it through, hopefully we will see some more footage to redeem tonight's clip.

Kendall Beard and Alex Grace sang Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats." Kristin Macnamara did a version of Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You," and Jasamine Murry sang Jordin Spark's "Tattoo." All of them made it through. None of them were as good as the recording artist.

A couple of people really have no business being in Hollywood let alone making it to the Top 60...

Tatiania Del Toro...really?

Norman Gentle/Nick Mitchel sang a tongue in cheek version of "Georgia On My Mind" as Norman. I wonder if Simon is agreeing to keep him around to the point that he will get too far to ever audition again.

Nathaniel Marshall's off-stage antics have gotten way more attention then his music and I don't think he can recover from that. If the producers are really going make all the Idols live together, maybe they will keep him around for the drama.

Hollywood week is brutal and pressure filled. Making contestants memorize new lyrics is one way to weed out those who will not be able to handle the live performances. Or at least it used to be...

Joanna Pacitti, the former major label signee, forgot ALL her words. Casey Carlson forgot Jordin Spark's Tattoo. Stephen Flowler forgot his lyrics twice on a song he said "Isn't hard to memorize" during footage from the night before his performance. But the judges didn't mind and they all made it through.

Actually most people we saw tonight did make it through including Lil' Rounds (no shock there) and Michael Sarver, the Texas oil rigger. 60 of the 80 kept the dream alive... for one more day.

However, Lanesha Young, the ex homeless teenager, Micheal Casto (Jason's brother) and the rapper, India Morrison did not make it to the "chair" round.

Tomorrow we will know who America will actually get to vote for!

Until then, be safe.