Bonnaroo: Big festivals are good for fans

Bonnaroo: Big festivals are good for fans

June 13th, 2009 by Barry Courter in Local - Breaking News


During one of the many thunderstorms that hit Manchester and the Bonnaroo site Thursday, I spent several minutes visiting with Steven Smith, one of the hosts for Fuse, which is the official television partner for the festival.

He's got a pretty cool gig, spending the weekend interviewing everybody from Snoop Dogg to the Beastie Boys.

His job is traveling the country attending festivals like Bonnaroo. He's a big fan of the multi-artist, multi-day events.

"America has finally caught on," he said. "Europe has done them for years. Let the people come to you. They will come."

Among his favorites are Coachella and the CMA Music Fest being held in Nashville this weekend.

"That is the most amazing thing ever," he said. "I encourage all genres to do it like they do."

The appeal for such events is that fans can see a whole lot of different acts in a relatively short amount of time, he said, something that has echoed by fans all weekend.

This is Smith's second Bonnaroo and his goal this year is to see more comics in the Comedy Tent. On Friday, the line to get in to see such acts as Triumph the Insult Dog was easily 200 yards long.

One of the coolest things Smith has seen here is the view from the giant Ferris wheel in Centeroo.

"Up there it looks like an army attacking Mordor."