Baby penguin hatched at Tennessee Aquarium

Baby penguin hatched at Tennessee Aquarium

June 18th, 2009 by Adam Crisp in Local Regional News

Staff Photo by Gillian Bolsover Paulie incubates his newly-born baby while his parther, Chaos, stands nearby at the Tennessee Aquarium Thursday. Chaos and Paulie's chick is the first penguin born at the aquarium.

Tennessee Aquarium officials are welcoming the first birth in its Penguins' Rock exhibit.

An egg belonging to penguin couple Paulie and Chaos hatched early in the day Thursday, officials said. This is the first birth for the exhibit, and the first hatchling for Paulie and Chaos.

Tennessee Aquarium penguin keeper Amy Graves noticed the chick today.

"I went over to give Paulie a fish and when he stood up ever so slightly, I saw a piece of chipped shell in the nest," Ms. Graves said in a news release. "When he stood up more, there was a quarter-sized hole in the shell and a tiny beak sticking out."

Ms. Graves has yet to get a good look at the newborn macaroni penguin, but she has heard it, according to the release.

"I heard a very soft, yet strong, 'peep, peep, peep'. This was good news to my ears because when you hear the chick vocalizing, then you know that the chick is alive," she said.