Chattanooga: Littlefield picks up second term

Chattanooga: Littlefield picks up second term

March 4th, 2009 by Cliff Hightower in Local Regional News

Mayor Ron Littlefield won his second term Tuesday night in a decisive victory over mayoral candidates Rob Healy and Thomas Smith II.

Celebrating at his election party at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Chattanooga, Mr. Littlefield said the victory spurs his agenda for the next four years.

"We know what we have to do and we've got to finish what we've started," he said.

Mr. Littlefield gathered 10,234 votes to 7,186 votes for Mr. Healy and 353 votes for Thomas Smith II, according to unofficial election results.

This was the fourth time for Mr. Smith to run in the city election. Mr. Healy, the former Parks and Recreation Administrator, ran for the first time.

In City Council races, District 1 City Councilwoman Linda Bennett, who's also council chairwoman, will face a runoff on April 14 against challenger Deborah Scott. Councilman Leamon Pierce, who has been on the council for 19 years, could also face a runoff against AndraƩ McGary, depending upon provisional voting counts.

In other races, District 6 City Councilwoman Carol Berz won convincingly over Marti Rutherford, who had held the seat twice in the past. Newcomer Pam Ladd beat George Patten in the District 3 seat, according to results.

Councilman Manny Rico won decisively in District 7 and a runoff between Peter Murphy and J.T. McDaniel will take place on April 14 in District 9, according to unofficial results.