Flooding displaces 500 people

Flooding displaces 500 people

September 22nd, 2009 by Staff Report in Local - Breaking News

Staff photo by Adam Crisp Residents of Superior Creek Lodge are evacuated in East Ridge as Chickamauga Creek crests Tuesday. Four hotels and more than a dozen homes were evacuated Monday Tuesday as water rose to higher than 28 feet.

Staff photo by Adam Crisp Residents of Superior Creek...

About 500 people have been displaced by flood waters in East Ridge, including 120 from the East Ridge Retirement Center, officials said.

The retirement center residents were evacuated and transported to the Red Cross shelter, said Erik Hopkins, spokesman for the East Ridge police department.

Other evacuations have taken place at the Fountain Bleu Apartments and surrounding neighborhoods located near Spring Creek Road, he said.

"Numerous calls have been received for motorists who have become trapped in the water," Officer Hopkins said. "Firefighters have utilized amphibious vehicles and boats to conduct water operations."

The risk of stranded motorists prompted county officials to issue a warning to drivers to steer clear of any flooded roads.

Other businesses in East Ridge have been affected by the rising waters of Chickamauga Creek, which is expected to crest today at about 28 feet.

Parkridge East Hospital has been closed, but is caring for current patients, hospital officials said.

Firefighters in East Ridge have initiated water rescues of occupants of the Crown Inn, Country Hearth, and Superior Creek Lodge, Officer Hopkins said.