Rock slide hits Ocoee Gorge again, road unharmed

Rock slide hits Ocoee Gorge again, road unharmed

April 28th, 2010 by Pam Sohn in Local - Breaking News

A rock slide in the Ocoee Gorge this morning took out about 70 feet of the TVA flume that carries water to the Ocoee River hydropower generators, according to TVA spokesman Mike Bradley.

The loss of the Gorge power generation is minimal to the Tennessee Valley Authority power generation system as a whole, he said.

Jennifer Flynn, spokeswoman for the Tennessee Department of Transportation, said the slide occurred completely on the other side of the gorge from U.S. 64, which just recently reopened after months of work to clear rock slides from the roadway.

She said the road was unaffected in today's slide, which occurred across the Ocoee River from what is known in the area as the 15 mile-per-hour curve.

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