Chattanooga's Rising Star

Chattanooga's Rising Star

December 1st, 2011 by Merrell McGinness in Local Regional News

NAME: Angel Snow

AGE: 30

HOME: Nashville

BIO: Getting her start in Chattanooga, singer/songwriter Angel Snow is relishing her recent big break, opening for Alison Krauss & Union Station at the Ryman Auditorium. The Chickamauga native captivates audiences with throaty melodies set to a folk-blues sound. Three of her songs, co-written with Krauss's brother Viktor, will be featured on Union Station's deluxe album. Snow also looks forward to the release of her second self-titled album, due out in early 2012. To hear some of her latest tracks, visit

Angel Snow, singer/song-writer

Angel Snow, singer/song-writer

?Music has always affected me. I've been a huge gospel music fan ever since I was a little girl and my grandmother would sing to me. I'm inspired by soulful artists: Thom Yorke of Radiohead, Billie Holiday, Ray LaMontagne, Otis Redding.

? Meeting Alison has made my career so much richer. I actually have someone I truly respect promoting me. She wants to see good things happen to this music because she believes in it so much and that's been tremendous. I couldn't ask for a better situation to be in - so much more than I could have hoped for.

? A lot of times my songs come to me when I'm sleeping. You never know where inspiration is going to come from; it's special that way. That's how I know God gave me this gift, because of these little supernatural moments. They don't come very often so I just try to take advantage when they happen. I think we've all got it; it's just if you choose to pay attention or not.

? In 2006 after moving around the country, I figured Nashville would be a good place to settle. I didn't know anybody in the music business but just thought I need to be in the city and see what happens. In 2009 I met Alison Krauss through a friend and we just hit it off. I gave her a copy of my "Fortune Tellers" CD and she called me up a few hours later, told me how much she loved the songs and invited me to come over to talk. I couldn't believe it. I met her brother Viktor a few weeks later. The first day we met we wrote the song "Lie Awake" which is now on Union Station's "Paper Airplane" album, released in April.

? I got my start in Chattanooga after high school playing at The Attic, Blue Angel Café, Jacob's Ladder. I would always move away then come back to Chattanooga, where I was welcomed with open arms. I started around the time Up with the Joneses was happening and was very inspired by T.J. Greever and how well he worked the crowd, his voice and his ability to be such a striking performer.

? I like to cut hair. This is kind of a new thing. I bought scissors and a drape and have been cutting friends' hair on the side - giving them little punk-rock hairdos. I even got business cards made.

? The music business is so complicated. I've learned you really have to stay focused on your heart...and exercise, and meditate so you don't get caught up in the business side of it because it can kill the creativity.

? Ultimately I just want to be happy and I'm really learning that through all of this. I always try to stay focused on the moment, and it's hard to do that but I think if you're trying you're kind of doing it already.