What do you want for Christmas?

What do you want for Christmas?

December 22nd, 2011 in Local - Breaking News

Staff Photo by Danielle Moore Lighted Christmas trees sit in Robert and Katherine Espeseth's yard on Mount Vernon Avenue in North Chattanooga. The trees, purchased from Sam's Club, were added to the display seven years ago.

Staff Photo by Danielle Moore Lighted Christmas trees sit...

What's on your holiday wish list? Leave a comment and we'll add it to the list.

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Take a look at what others are saying:

Whitney Brown Stone: NOOK TABLET

Michi Nassour: i got exactly what i wanted--a ticket to Warren Haynes 23rd Annual Xmas Jam in Asheville, NC on the 10th of dec!

Timothy Daugherty: A normal family

Douglas Melody Parris: A home for our family that we can afford.

Gayle Balaban: BSW!!! BE ABLE TO WALK!!!

Katie Stewart: Books & Jewelry...

Chris Humphrey: ipad!

Robin Stamper: I'd like to be able to buy Christmas dinner & some gifts for my family. Thats all.

Elizabeth Clark: A new car

James Berry: Two front teeth...

Ryan Fugate: For more individuals to see the need of others over that of themselves and do something to change it.

Terri Susan Haile: For everyone to give a gift or food or both to at least one family other than theirs, who might be having a hard time this season.


Franklin Holliday: For everyone to have a SAFE and Merry Christmas. For myself, a job.

Johnson Jeffery: peace and bill collectors to be more pleasant and considerate

Richard Lee Richter: I am so blessed to be alive and to be able to share my life with so many....I couldn't ask for anything else.....well, maybe world peace!

Kathy Winans Burke: An iPad, but do not see it happening this year.....

Apryl Bunch Jones: I don't care what I get. I am just happy to be able give my son an amazing xmas....wasn't much money left over for mom and dad but we got some new tools,,shoes and I got some new clothes...no toys for us right now lol but my son will flip his lid when he sees all of his

Tiffany Powell: For my family to be well, and be togather sunday morning! Enjoying our morning at church! To worship the real christmas gift!

Meridith Evett: A good job!

Wendy Chastain: Nothing bc I have so much more to focus on than some silly present, like the ability to move forward from something personal I've been dealing with.

John Sharp: for it to be over

Vicki Blankenship: I would like for times to stop being so hard. Not only for us but for for others also.

Tonya Cross Webb: As long as I have my family and my kids have something under the tree. That's Christmas for me.

Douglas Holleman: Health and safety for my family and friends, for God to be part of everyones life, for Americans to take back this great country of ours, stand up America we can do better!!!!

Karmann Eskridge: i want a the skull shores gil doll monster high doll

Cody A Mohon: To relax and be with my family!

Lisa Worthington Johnson: I'm hoping for a Christmas miracle... for my grandma to recover.

Ronnie C Huddleston: i want all my kids to have gifts this year.

Tracie Hicks Gibbons: I got my Christmas present, my mom ... I almost lost her in a serious car accident last month. She is at home and me and my family get to see her on Christmas :)

Beth Ables: just my hubby and my kids

Devin Toomuchofnotenough Hodge: For some one to buy me presents!

Christen Gayle Moo Willis: A rocketship to the moon.

Christine Jorge Esposito: to see more random acts of kindness that help the poor and less privileged

Jeremy Hale: A congress that cares about thus country and a job market that doesnt include bankruptcy. Santa reportedly had a heart attack after reading my letter though.

Angela Beaty Morrow: I would like for my grandchildren to even have something for Christmas

Nicki Ferry: My husband who is currently deployed!

Lisa Shepherd Smith: I would love to have my family together but unfortunately that isnt possible at this time so we are going to celebrate after the new year begins and we are all together again.

Ruth Wilson: I want America BACK, from all the isms and schisms. I want the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, the Ten Commandments of Almighty God taught in our Public Schools. So the young people will know our True American History and they will love and reverence God and be so thankful that our Fathers gave US Magnificent Foundations that they will read and study, so that they too, will perpetuate, ONE NATION UNDER GOD. For God & Country

Jessica Grogan: Peace on Earth and good will to men...JUST KIDDING! I want a treadmill and some sparkly silver boots.

Heatherann Wilson Broullire: Snow!!!And for everyone to have a great Christmas!!

Jessica Pealer Dubendorfer: A job for my husband since his Construction PM job ends tomarrow.

Christine Robinson: White Cline to win the lottery haha...but seriously I am the kind of person who would help so many others ....just to see the joy and disbelief in thier eyes :)

Dale Carroll: A belly button ring and a butt tattoo.

Randy Cameron: For my wife and kids to have the best christmas! And I won't all kids to have gifts to open, food to eat, and to have a smile on there face on christmas morning!

Que Puryear: A good paying job and another chevy impala

Cary Calkins: a Gong...or bass guitar

Joyce Bunch: a new car, i have a 93 jeep cherokee and it's on it's last leg...lol, just to spend time with my family, merry christmas!

Wanda J. Lindsey: A JOB!!!....And for Everyone to Have A Blessed and Safe Christmas!!!

Stacey Walker: For a good smooth understanding Christmas for all

Jarred Dishman: My two year old daughters brain cancer to be gone and her to feel better

ElvisandIsabel Sanchez: I want spiritual renewal for everyone and the ability to spiritually discern the truths that have been buried and forgotten over hundreds of years of pagan tradition and rituals. Give me Christ and absolute truth! Time is short. HE is coming!

Carey O'Neil: You for my own more than you can ever know

Nicole Zielinski Harrison: I would LOVE for EPB to stop reemingingly over charging us!!!!!

Jami Brown: the GOP to give my payroll tax cut back.

Dennis Seeger: trillions of non taxable dollars!!!

Penni Overstreet: The ability to shield my children from the pain that life bestows on us.

Cora Lanning: true love!

Jennifer Flynn: Nothing money can buy. I want the kids who have cancer to be cured. I want the sick to be well. And I want our soldiers home for the holidays!

Jennifer Carboni Brumlow: For the Chemotherapy drug, Cisplatin, not to be in a shortage.

Melodie Smith: a job

Johnathan Keown: A pony

dwarfbeard: A job so I can pay my bills again! And, if there is time, the Top Gear Board Game.

Joni-Rene' Panlaqui: A better Republican nominee!

Kristen Karpovage: For everyone to get their Christmas wishes

Melissa Reeves: A miniature giraffe and a pygmie goat! Lol. Merry Christmas everyone :)

Althea Christine Redd: Peace and love for the whole world

Chrissy Williams Cooper: Alabama to win the National Championship! #14

Patrick Chastain: I want Kim Jong-Il to return from Heaven so he can bring the sun out once again. I am tired of the rain. Long live the Juche ideal.

Melanie Le: I want the violence to stop. I want our children, our wives, our husbands to be safe and to not suffer domestic abuse..

Michelle Clark: For everyone who is alone, in the hospital, & the homeless to know that they are not alone and that we have a Savior that loves them and He will always be there for them. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!