City judges criticize Littlefield

City judges criticize Littlefield

February 1st, 2011 by Cliff Hightower in Local - Breaking News

City Judges Russell Bean and Sherry Paty criticized Mayor Ron Littlefield today for plans to move the City Court and City Court Clerk's office from the Hamilton County Courthouse.

Both judges addressed the City Council during a Legal and Legislative Committee meeting about the potential move.

"I hope you will not stand by and let one person singlehandedly destroy something that is working," Paty told council members.

Littlefield announced about three months ago that he was thinking of moving the Court Clerk's office from the courthouse. City officials said today the courts could be moved as well.

Richard Beeland, spokesman for the mayor, said talk at this moment is premature. He said the mayor has made no decisions and is in the process of evaluating how much money could be saved by such a move.

For complete details, read tomorrow's edition of the Times Free Press.