Bean alleges 'vendetta' behind Littlefield's City Court moves

Bean alleges 'vendetta' behind Littlefield's City Court moves

February 3rd, 2011 by Staff Report in Local Regional News

Chattanooga City Judge Russell Bean charged Thursday evening that Mayor Ron Littlefield's talk about moving City Court is part of a "vendetta" against City Judge Sherry Paty over last year's Pet Company case.

"This allegedly stems from the case between McKamey Animal Shelter and a local Pet Company where McKamey lost the case," Bean said in an e-mail Thursday night. "They allegedly feel that Judge Paty ruled wrongly and they are upset. Allegedly they have banned (sic) together and are after Judge Paty and want to embarrass her and make her judicial life miserable."

McKamey Executive Director Karen Walsh said in an e-mailed statement Thursday night that she was "astonished by Judge Bean's evaluation of this situation."

"All of the officers at McKamey animal center including myself have a good working relationship with Judge Paty and have great respect for the judicial system," Walsh wrote.

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