Patrick's grandmothers on site to watch makeover progress

Patrick's grandmothers on site to watch makeover progress

February 14th, 2011 by Andy Johns in Local - Breaking News

Stacy Yakimowich, left, Shirley Sharrock, and Gail Pedigo, family members of Patrick Sharrock, a 9-year-old with brittle bone disease, watch as production and construction crew prepare for demolition of Patrick's Rossville, GA., residence during the second day of filming Extreme Makeover Home Edition in the Chattanooga area. Staff photo by Dan Henry

While Michael, Cindy and Patrick Sharrock prepare to board a plane for Disney World today at noon, both of Patrick's grandmothers are at the site watching the progress.

Both Gail Pedigo and Shirley Sharrock were shocked to find out yesterday that their children and grandson had been selected for the build. "It was unreal", said Sherrock, who found out when she drove past the street and saw the roadblock. She said she was glad the new house would be safer for her grandson.

"The flooring was all rotted-out", she said. "It just wasn't safe for him." Pedigo said she remembered the difficulty the family had even giving Patrick a bath without breaking bones shortly after he was born and said a new bathroom would be one the biggest improvements.

"He's getting older and he doesn't want grandma to help him," she said. "He can do everything for himself. It just needs to be on his level."