Chattanooga now No. 1 in 'Best Town Ever' voting

Chattanooga now No. 1 in 'Best Town Ever' voting

June 15th, 2011 by Mark Kennedy in Local - Breaking News

Staff Photo by Dan McLaughlin 2005 Challenger, an American Bald Eagle released by Al Louis Cecere, president of the American Eagle Foundation, flies from the Market Street Bridge to a boat on the middle of the Tennessee River during The Passage celebration on Ross's Landing. The bird flew while members of the Cherokee Choir sang the National Anthem in Cherokee.

Current standings:

1) Chattanooga, 2278

2) Tucson, Ariz., 2217

3) Boulder, Colo., 1035

4) Charleston, S.C., 861

5) Ashland, Ore., 709

6) Burlington, Vermont, 460

7) Portland, Maine, 423

8) Portland, Ore., 337

9) Madison, Wis., 311

10) Sante Fe., N.M., 267

Chattanooga has surged into the lead in Outside Magazine's online poll to name America's "Best Town Ever."

For the first time since voting began last week, Chattanooga has overtaken Tucson, Ariz.

As of 11:45 p.m. EDT Chattanooga had 2,278 votes compared to 2,217 for Tucson, a razor-thin margin that could change by the hour.

Editors of the popular magazine chose the Top 10 finalists in the contest and then turned the competiton over to voting on a dedicated Facebook page.

Chattanooga and Tucson have distanced themselves from the pack in recent days in the contest, which continues through June 28. Boulder, Co., stands in third position.

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