New police station will serve downtown

New police station will serve downtown

June 22nd, 2011 by Rachel Sauls in Local Regional News

Design plans have been completed for a downtown police station to be located on East 11th Street in the former Onion Bottoms Farmer's Market building. A construction budget will be addressed in the near future, said Richard Beeland, spokesperson for Mayor Ron Littlefield's office.

"I want to reiterate this is going to be a new police station, not a new precinct," Beeland said.

Unlike the downtown precinct formerly located on Walnut Street, the new police station will be owned by the city of Chattanooga instead of rented, and the facility will be fully staffed and run much more efficiently, said Beeland. The closed precinct was never a fully functioning police station.

In addition to serving North Shore, downtown and Southside Chattanooga, the new police station will be home to Chattanooga's bike force and other alternatively powered vehicles and charging stations, said Beeland.

"The downtown area has officers who need a place to base themselves out of, because downtown is unique to other areas in Chattanooga because of the amount of people that are there at various times," said Beeland.

The station will be open to the public and will also provide a meeting place for community groups, said Beeland.

"The station will serve everyone in the city, because it will serve all of downtown," said Beeland. "It's going to be good for everyone who lives and goes downtown."