Alabama police arrest another in weekend shooting

Alabama police arrest another in weekend shooting

March 8th, 2011 by Staff Report in Local - Breaking News

Alabama authorities arrested and charged a second person in connection with a robbery and shooting over the weekend.

Kenneth Tary Chamblee, 53, of Albertville, was charged with attempted murder, but not for the robbery and shooting of Boyce Batey, the original victim, said DeKalb County Sheriff Jim Harris in a news release.

Authorities believe Chamblee contacted suspect Patty Westbrook after she stole 74-year-old Batey's vehicle and shot him Saturday morning.

Westbrook and Chamblee got in an argument and Chamblee struck Westbrook in the back of the head with a lawnmower blade, Harris said. As Westbrook tried to flee, Chamblee fired a gun at her two or three times, the sheriff said. No shooting injuries were reported.

Westbrook was first charged with attempted murder earlier this week in connection with Batey's shooting.

Batey, of Whiton, was at a gas station in downtown Geraldine on Saturday morning when he was approached by Westbrook, 37, for a ride, Harris said. But after Westbrook was in the vehicle, she tried to rob him and he was shot in the process.

Batey is still in critical care after his surgery at the University of Alabama of Birmingham hospital.

Multiple agencies are involved in the ongoing investigation.