Rhea kayaker search continues near Spring City

Rhea kayaker search continues near Spring City

March 11th, 2011 by Ben Benton in Local - Breaking News

Rescue crews in Rhea County resumed a search this morning for at least one kayaker believed missing in the Piney River area near Spring City, Tenn., authorities said.

Rhea County dispatchers said this morning that searchers are looking for at least one of three kayakers who launched their boats into the Piney on Evensville Mountain on Thursday.

Two Rhea County Rescue Squad members have been injured so far in the search, dispatchers said. One rescuer broke his arm and another was taken to the hospital for a leg injury, the dispatcher said.

Otherwise, little has changed since rescue crews called off the search when darkness fell.

The dispatcher said the initial caller on Thursday afternoon reported they were worried the others would not make it off the river before nightfall. That call was received at 5:11 p.m.

Now, officials are working from information that kayaker told about the last known whereabouts of the missing boater or boaters, dispatchers said.

No reports have been relayed so far from the search scene this morning, the dispatcher said.