Georgia panel recommends Peters removal from the bench

Georgia panel recommends Peters removal from the bench

May 10th, 2011 by Joy Lukachick Smith in Local - Breaking News

Magistrate Judge Anthony Peters listens during part of a trial where the state was seeking to remove him from bench for erratic behavior. Contributed Photo by Vino Wong/

The Georgia watchdog agency that investigates judges has recommended the Catoosa County magistrate accused of smoking marijuana and other unpredictable behavior be removed from the bench.

The Judicial Qualification Commission concluded in a written statement today that Judge Anthony Peters who was accused of violating 13 judicial codes of conduct in February could jeopardize the integrity of the judicial system if he were allowed to return to work.

"The testimony at the hearing revealed that Peters' erratic and irrational behavior eroded confidence in his ability to be a judge," the commission's conclusion stated.

A two-day hearing was held in April before a five panel commission.

At the hearing, Peters admitted that he used marijuana on a weekly basis for three months to subdue the pain from a neck injury.

But the judge pleaded with the commission to give him another chance.

The JQC will now send their recommendation to the Georgia Supreme Court who has the authority to remove Peters from the bench.