InTune: Dr. Dog

InTune: Dr. Dog

November 1st, 2011 in Local Regional News

Who said psychedelic rock died in the 1970s? Nobody seemed to tell that to Dr. Dog. No, that is not the name of a new West Coast rapper. Dr. Dog is a five-piece rock-n-roll band from Philadelphia that would make John Lennon proud if he were still alive today.

Formed in 1999, Dr. Dog built a following around southeastern Pennsylvania with a throwback sound. Combining strong lead vocals, tight backing harmonies and a lo-fi rock-n-roll sound, the band pays a respectable homage to the psychedelic rock from the late 1960s and early 1970s that has obviously influenced their career. After constant touring over the years and releases of various albums, Dr. Dog earned spots at major festivals around the country and toured with successful bands such as Wilco and My Morning Jacket. With the 2008 release of highly acclaimed album "Fate," the band's reputation has only continued to rise. In 2010, the band signed to a larger record label for the release of its latest album, "Shame, Shame."

Psychedelic rock band, Dr. Dog will appear at Track 29 on Friday, Nov 18.

Psychedelic rock band, Dr. Dog will appear at...

Photo by Elizabeth Weinberg

Even though the production of recent albums has become a little more polished and the band has experienced a few member changes over the years, Dr. Dog has remained true to the sound and genre that helped jump-start the band more than a decade ago. Now headlining tours across the United States, Chattanooga will get a taste of Dr. Dog's high-energy rock-n-roll show with a live performance at Track 29 on Friday, Nov. 18.


Shame, Shame ' Released 2010


• Unbearable Why • Mirror, Mirror • Jackie Wants a Black Eye • Shame, Shame

Fate ' 2008


• The Breeze • Hang On • 100 Years • The Old Days • The Ark • From

We All Belong ' 2007


• Ain't It Strange • Keep A Friend • Worst Trip

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