November 5th, 2011 in Local Regional News

"Curious" best describes the newsroom of the Times Free Press. We are curious about everything in our area, from news to sports to entertainment to business. And we want to pass what we learn on to our readers.

Along with Hamilton County, we cover 28 counties in Southeast Tennessee, Northwest Georgia and Northeast Alabama, keeping an eye on everything going on.

As community watchdogs, we want to know what's going on in local governments, to keep them transparent and let you now what's happening with your tax dollars and elected officials.

We also cover the Tennessee Legislature in Nashville because what happens there affects us here.

We tackle long-form narrative stories, digging deep into the fascinating people in our community.

We tell you when crime happen in the area and how well your kids' school did on standardized tests.

When it comes to sports, we're interested in everything from high school to college to professional because, hey, we're fans, too.

And we like to have fun, so we keep up with all the movies, concerts, festivals and other entertainment events in our area so we can all have a little downtime.

So if you're curious about your community like we are, you know where to go - the Chattanooga Times Free Press.