Footprint of the Chattanooga Times Free Press

Footprint of the Chattanooga Times Free Press

November 5th, 2011 in Local Regional News

The Footprint of the Chattanooga Times Free Press

The major item of ecological impact in all newspaper operations is the paper that we print on. Thankfully, as an industry 75% of all newsprint gets recycled. Each week The Times Free Press recycles 40,000 pounds of paper products and we purchase all of our newsprint from a local paper mill to save on the energy expended in transportation. Our newsprint supplier is certified by the sustainable forest committee due to the fact that they grow their own trees as a crop and for every tree they cut down, two are planted in its place.

We also use a more ecofriendly printing process than most newspapers. This process allows us to use water based inks instead of a type of oil based ink that is commonly used at other operations. We do not produce any chemical waste because of this printing process and we even treat some of our waste water with additional filtering or recycling to insure no contaminated water exits our plant.

In addition to the waste recycled by our production department, all the other waste from our offices is recycled. In total our waste management system allows us to keep over 100 tons of trash out of our city's landfill each month.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press uses paper product from mills that have been SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified combined with recycled paper product. SFI means you can trust that the wood fiber used to produce the paper you read each day is from a responsible source. Learn more.