Steer clear of these interview mistakes

Steer clear of these interview mistakes

October 9th, 2011 in Local Regional News

In a world where the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a 9.1 percent unemployment rate in August, one might think that every job candidate would display proper interview etiquette. However, many people arrive for an interview unprepared to fulfill professional expectations of the process.

Micki Holliday, director of career services at Brown Mackie College, often speaks with recruiters and human resources experts to initiate business affiliations and request feedback on interview performance. Here, she outlines a few simple rules to help ensure you make the most of every interview opportunity.

Arrive on time: Arriving late for an interview does not bode well for your claims of responsibility. In fact, Holliday recommends making a dry run from your home to the job site.

Wear appropriate business attire: "What you wear to an interview factors in to the impression you make," says Holliday. "It is important to dress business appropriate." It may not be appropriate to wear a suit and tie for every interview, as some positions do not require this formality.

Rule No. 1 for the ladies? No revealing blouses. "Don't show one little bit of cleavage," Holiday says.

Don't smell like smoke: "Many different employers have told me that smokers do not get top priority," Holliday says. Workers who take smoke breaks are less productive than their counterparts are, and in general, smokers cost employers more in health care.

Limit jewelry: Too much jewelry can be a distraction. Some people fiddle with jewelry during the interview, which is often interpreted as nervousness. Holliday recommends limiting jewelry to three pieces.

- ARAContent