Moonshine still found in McMinn County

Moonshine still found in McMinn County

October 11th, 2011 by Staff Report in Local - Breaking News

The McMinn County Sheriff's Office busted a moonshining operation Tuesday, the first such bust in years.

Photo by Contributed Photo/Times Free Press.

Deputies in McMinn County busted a moonshining operation Tuesday morning, the first one in years, Sheriff Joe Guy said in a news release.

The operation, found in an old barn at the base of Starr Mountain near Etowah, seemed to involve the production of homemade brandy, or "wineshine," Lt. Detective Eric Allman said in a news release.

Allman said he believes the case will result in criminal charges.

Police found five 50-gallon barrels of muscadine and apple-based homemade wine in one room of the barn, and they found the actual still in another room.

Police also found other liquor-making devices and bottles at the barn, Allman said.

Elsewhere on the residence, they found a small amount of marijuana and a "mini still" that can produce small amounts of liquor, Guy said.

The products were destroyed and the stills were dismantled, police said.