Education can give boost to your career

Education can give boost to your career

October 23rd, 2011 in Local Regional News

While this may be a challenging time to look for a job, there is no shortage of personal career aspirations. Whether you are in between jobs or gainfully employed, these uncertain times provide the opportunity to assess your options for the future.

Additional education could be your key to a more fulfilling career.

Successfully completing a two-year program may help open the door to an entry-level position in a new profession in many different fields, such as health care, veterinary technology, accounting or graphic design, to name just a few.

The case for higher education is strengthened by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS). It reported lower unemployment among workers over age 25 that held a college degree than among those of the same age who did not.

According to this May 2011 update, high school graduates faced a 10.3 percent unemployment rate while unemployment among those with an associate degree was 7 percent, and those with a bachelorĀ¹s degree saw unemployment dip to a lower 5.4 percent.

The same BLS survey indicates the higher the degree, the higher the average weekly salary earned. For instance, those who held associate degrees earned a median of $767 per week, compared to median weekly earnings of $1,038 for those who held a bachelor's degree.

In addition to assessing your passions and aspirations, it's important to consider your computer skills.

Do you prefer career autonomy or would you rather have a boss? This is another important point to consider when defining your career goals. Some career choices enable both options. For instance, careers in massage therapy or early childhood education offer the opportunity to work for a company or open your own business.

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