5-at-10: Laboring with breaking news and football reviews

5-at-10: Laboring with breaking news and football reviews

September 5th, 2011 in Local Regional News

It's a mini-Labor Day 5-at-10. We'll get more into the full college football weekend Tuesday. Giddy-up.

From the "Les knows best Studios," here we go...

Crazy weather alters schedules

Rare 5-at-10 braking news: Today's Lookouts game has been cancelled.

The rain, wind and lightning from Tropical Storm Lee wreaked havoc on the weekend's sports schedules. From delays Friday night in high school football to scattered delays - and even premature endings for some games - throughout college football.

Crazy indeed. Sidenote: The big birthday party for 5-at-10's son Lee was not disrupted by Tropical Storm Lee. Call it Karma, but it worked out perfect Lee.

Les Miles, you sir are Da' MAN

LSU coach Les Miles did the following three things in order Saturday:

1) He ran out of the tunnel toward the wrong sideline

2) Led his LSU team mired in controversy to an inspired win over No. 3 Oregon

3) He told folks after the game that he and the Tigers coaches asked the defense to be "ready," and that "ready is a really big word."

Want to know another big word - STUD. Stud is a big word and Les Miles is a stud.

Somebody needs to stop the Uniform shuffle??

When did Nike become Mr. Blackwell of college football, and who is leading the Nike Pro Combat Uniform division, Prince? Lady Gag-Gag???

Georgia's uniforms were awful. USC messed with some of the most classic uniforms in all of college sports. Boise State looked great on the field and like an collection of ice cream men in space helmets in the postgame photo.??

Make it stop. Please.

Manning update

Word out of Indianapolis is that Peyton Manning will be re-evaluated because his recovery from offseason neck surgery is not progressing in suitable fashion.

Hey, we know every team wants to play injury news close to the vest - especially for a piece as important as Manning. But let's look at this from another angle - if you're Johnny Colts Fan and just ponied up five figures for season tickets after hearing over and over that Manning is going to be OK, how irate are you this morning.

Yes, injuries happen and ownership can't be held accountable for injuries or holdouts or things that happen during the seasons. But Manning's surgery was in May - also kept under wraps and underplayed for most of the summer. And with the lockout there was no way of knowing that he was not able to practice with the team since no one was able to practice with the team.

No Manning means no chance for the Colts, and we're guessing the Colts don't have a refund rate.

Today's question:

Who's seat is hotter: Houston Nutt or Mark Richt?