Criminal justice field growing

Criminal justice field growing

September 11th, 2011 in Local Regional News

Careers in criminal justice are many and varied, not to mention growth among careers in law enforcement and investigation is reported at 22 percent, an above average gain, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The same published report projects 9 percent growth among probation

officers and corrections personnel. This projection represents an average growth rate, but growth just the same.

"In the current economic climate, law enforcement positions in most big cities are tough to get," an attorney and full-time faculty member in the criminal justice program at Brown Mackie College. "They tend to look for people with a military background."

As a new class enters the Criminal Justice program, Pasin asks students what they like to watch on

TV to gauge their desired career direction within the field. The numerous popular forensics dramas sometimes prompt students to enroll with unrealistic expectations. "We train students for supporting roles in a forensics unit; however, it generally takes at least a bachelor's degree to understand the

science required to become a crime scene analyst," says Pasin. "The majority of our students say

they have come to us for training so they can help people in trouble. Most want to help kids."

A criminal justice degree or certificate provides a foundation in human service fields, such as social work.

Another avenue of employment opportunities lies in the security industry. A multitude of businesses hire security guards and surveillance officers to guard people, merchandise, money or equipment.

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