Husband-wife team marry both sides of the tax business

Husband-wife team marry both sides of the tax business

April 4th, 2012 in Local Regional News

An IRS employee for 33 years, Susan Kile met her husband Richard, then a manager at a local H&R Block, over a client's audit. When she retired in January 2010, she joined Richard Kile's business, RCK (his initials) Tax Consulting.

"It's interesting to be on this side of it now," said Susan Kile. "I have a tremendous advantage because I know how the IRS works."

Hixson residents Richard and Susan Kile of RCK Tax Consulting met when Susan, who worked for the IRS for 33 years, audited one of Richard's clients.

Hixson residents Richard and Susan Kile of RCK...

Photo by Emily Crisman

Richard Kile has been in tax consulting for more than 20 years, and has owned his own business the last five. He considers his new business partner to be a great asset to clients.

"I know how the auditor wants records presented to them, and I know the questions the auditor will ask," said Susan Kile, who worked in multiple jobs within the IRS including customer service, tax auditor, public relations and employment taxes. "I try to prepare the client with what they're going to ask and what they're going to need."

A recently passed law will require those who prepare more than five tax returns per year to pass a competency test, according to Richard Kile. Due to his wife's experience and background, she is considered an EA (enrolled agent), which makes her exempt from the test, he said.

"It's getting a lot more tense and regulated than it used to be," said Richard Kile. "It's even gotten to the point that when they go out for an audit, they not only audit the taxpayer, but also the person who prepares their taxes."

Susan Kile said she'd like to lend her expertise to more small mom-and-pop type businesses to help with their auditing.

"I have watched so many people lose their business because they didn't hire someone or ask someone for help when getting started," she said. "I feel like I know enough of what needs to be done to keep them out of trouble."

With the deadline to file taxes in Hamilton County extended to May 31 due to recent storms, the Kiles are prepared to help storm victims as well as procrastinators get settled up with the IRS.

Since the couple is retired and works from home, RCK offers flexible hours for those who work. Pickup and delivery is also available, especially for seniors, the Kiles said.