School board member defends his ButtleOpener

School board member defends his ButtleOpener

April 27th, 2012 by The Tennessean in Local - Breaking News

FRANKLIN-The fans of NASCAR see rolling advertisements for erectile dysfunction pills and alcohol, but the logo for a new product by a Williamson County School District board member was just too risqué to appear on the hood of a car.

Mark Gregory, a school board member since 2004, is selling a life-size replica of a woman's buttocks clothed in a pair of panties. It is used to open beer bottles. The product hit the market in the fall and Gregory has traveled to NASCAR events, football games and college campuses to market what he calls the ButtleOpener.

But when he went after a NASCAR sponsorship, Gregory said the logo got a red flag.

"Our logo, they didn't like it. It's got two little swoops that look like butt cheeks," Gregory said. "They objected to that."

Gregory said he has heard little from the community he serves as a school board member since Thursday, when his product was featured in a weekly newspaper distributed in Williamson County.

The ButtleOpener, which sells for $29.95 online, is hanging in a couple of Nashville-area bars, Gregory said.

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