Colorful Character

Colorful Character

April 30th, 2012 by Merrell McGinness in Local Regional News


AGE: 42


BIO: Part designer, part chemist, part artist, Darin Wright will spend hours mixing her all-natural, mineral makeup if needed to reach the perfect shade for a client. Launching Elea Blake in 1997 with only 10 colors, Wright now has thousands - not to mention a devoted fan base from such far flung corners as Australia and Prague.

While she's built her foundation in makeup, the business has morphed into so much more, offering color analysis to determine one's perfect palette, which translates into almost every buying decision from wardrobe to home paint colors. Whether it's the perfect shade of lipstick or a total transformation you're after, Wright definitely has your color.

? I'm extremely thrifty. That was the whole reason for doing custom blend makeup. I felt so bad when I used to work at the makeup counters having to sell a client two different foundations and an extra powder just to get the right color.

Darin Wright

Darin Wright

? Most people follow trends, because you think that's what you're supposed to do. That's all well, great and good but what if the trend doesn't look good on you? People that think black is slimming - black is not necessarily slimming if it's your wrong color. You can get a double chin by wearing the wrong color.

? I grew up on a peach farm in New Jersey. We grew tomatoes and had a peach stand out front. My Grandpop purchased the land during the Depression. He was a really smart man; he came over from Norway when he was 17. He didn't speak any English, and ended up having to teach himself.

? I went to college later in life. I had done a lot of things prior to that. I worked as a real estate agent, a mortgage processor, I worked in a bank. I did all these other things but I always kept up with makeup.

? In college I ended up working in the lingerie department at Macy's. I had just started and the manager, who was absolutely incredible, was a former teacher. So she thought since I was going for fashion merchandising, she'd have me merchandise the floor. I have no idea what merchandising means but I'm overzealous okay, because I want to do something and get a 100 on everything. So she leaves me with the store. Poor lady gets into work the next day and I have everything that's in the stock room out front. So she's like, "Um,'re so good with the clients, and you're such a good salesperson maybe you should do shoes or makeup." So she kind of fired me, but she didn't. She helped me find a new direction in life.

? I had absolutely no self-esteem growing up and my sister made me take modeling classes. The modeling thing was really, really good - between that and makeup I paid my way through college. I did a ton of bridal shows. I can sling a bridal dress, let me tell you. I could be the best old lady bride ever - I can make it work.