St. Elmo Deli and Grill brings big flavor to neighborhood

St. Elmo Deli and Grill brings big flavor to neighborhood

August 16th, 2012 by Rachel Sauls in Local Regional News

St. Elmo Deli and Grill owner Peter Horn is serving up big taste out of a small space at the neighborhood's newest lunchtime restaurant.

St. Elmo Deli and Grill owner Peter Horn is often found behind the register of his restaurant. By operating the restaurant with a small staff, Horn said he enjoys the opportunity to talk with customers and get feedback from them.

St. Elmo Deli and Grill owner Peter Horn...

Photo by Rachel Sauls

Located at 3931 St. Elmo Ave., Horn said storage space at the restaurant is limited, but that hasn't stopped him and his cooks from creating a unique menu of top-notch sandwiches and salads.

"We've got really good sandwiches, fresh ingredients and good bread," said Horn, who uses a Big Green Egg to smoke chicken for the restaurant. "You can't go wrong with good quick, friendly service and great food."

From the menu's Real Man's Grilled Pimento Cheese that features bacon, ham and tomatoes alongside pimento cheese, to the F.G.T, a sandwich made of fried green tomatoes, bacon, lettuce and Cajun aioli spread, Horn said he and his staff attempted to bring something unique to the neighborhood that's already home to an eclectic blend of restaurants. St. Elmo Deli and Grill's menu also provides deli classics like a Reuben sandwich and a Going Back to Cali Club that features turkey, bacon, avocado, ranch dressing and pepperjack cheese. Several vegetarian options and kids' meals are also available.

Horn said most menu items ring up with a side and a drink for around $10, with the kids' meals priced at $4.50, and so far he has been serving more locals than tourists from the nearby Incline Railway. After opening in May, he said he is still getting the feel of the business but hopes to start experimenting more with new menu items and branching out with ingredients.

"Eventually I'd like to use all local produce and would like to work toward more unique ideas from the grill," he said. "You can cook a really great dinner for friends on a Green Egg and do a great job, but it's hard to translate that into a quick lunchtime option."

St. Elmo Deli and Grill is currently open for lunch only, but Horn said he plans to either offer breakfast or dinner in the future.

Before opening the restaurant Horn managed a whitewater rafting company for eight years. He said he was drawn to St. Elmo as the location for his next venture after living in the neighborhood for a year, and hopes to move back to St. Elmo within the next year.

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