December 2nd, 2012 by Staff Reports in Local Regional News

The most memorable quotes in the Times Free Press for Nov. 25-30.

"While they're building these new schools, the other schools are just falling apart."

-- Christina Thongnopnua, Central High School's parent involvement coordinator, on the estimated $200 million in backlogged repairs needed at Hamilton County schools

"It was such a bizarre hearing. I felt like it was 1950."

-- McCracken Poston, attorney for one of the women who accused Fort Oglethorpe Councilman Charles Sharrock of sexual harassment, on the hearing at which Sharrock essentially was fired

"I don't even want [my son] to go outside. You just don't know who to trust around here."

-- Starr Dean, a resident of LaFayette, Ga., public housing, after a neighborhood teen was charged with sexually molesting area children

"It's time for these people's concerns to be heard because these are the most vulnerable children in the school system."

-- Hamilton County Commissioner Tim Boyd, on parents' claims of widespread problems in the public school system involving special education children