Recap of Calhoun and Ridgeland losses in Georgia state football finals

Recap of Calhoun and Ridgeland losses in Georgia state football finals

December 15th, 2012 in Local Regional News

Calhoun 14

Jefferson 31


Ridgeland vs. Sandy Creek @5:30 p.m.

Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

Ridgeland 10

Sandy Creek 45


Sandy Creek wins.

Ridgeland onside kickoff recovered by Sandy Creek on 22 yard line.

Touchdown Ridgeland on halfback option pass to Bell.

Ridgeland moving slowly near the Sandy Creek 40.

Touchdown Sandy Creek. 23 yard pass from 2nd string quarterback/coach's son.

Game now on running clock since Sandy Creek ahead by more than 35.

Ridgeland puts 3 on the board with 30 yard field goal/

Ridgeland timeout before attempting field goal

Good run for Ridgeland. 43 yards to near 40 of Sandy Creek

Sandy Creek down to Ridgeland 40 with just over 6 mutes left. in 3rd

Touchdown Sandy Creek on 37 yard pass.

Sandy Creek starts at own 16

Three and out for Ridgeland in first series of second half.

Ridgeland starts at own 35.

2nd half getting ready to start

Half time. Ridgeland trailing by 31.

Touchdown Sandy Creek on short run.

Long pass completion to near Ridgeland 2 yard line.

Fumble! Sandy Creek recovers on Ridgeland 40.

Good run back from Bell to near Ridgeland 40.

Touchdon Sandy Creek on 17 yard run.

Long Sandy Creek punt return. take over on own 10.

Ridgeland near own 30.

Sandy Creek field goal.

Another punting situation for Ridgeland. Sandy Creek near own 45

Ridgeland starts on own 20

Touchdown Sandy Creek! Outside run.

Fourth and 2 for Sandy Creek near Calhoun 27. Take second timeout.

End of 1st qtr. Sandy Creek near the 50.

Sandy Creek timeout.

Sandy Creek takes possession on own 25.

Bell reception takes it down to Sandy Creek 30.

Ridgeland running game moving them near the 50.

Sandy Creek punts from near 50. Ridgeland takes over near own 10.

Sandy Creek driving down to near Ridgeland 40.

3 and out for Ridgeland in own territory. Sandy Creek starts on own 27.

Ridgeland starts on own 20

Touchdown Sandy Creek, on ground after long drive.

Sandy Creek long pass completion to Ridgeland 20.

Ridgeland kicks off.

Coach Mariakis firing up team prior to ickoff.

4A state championship

Ridgeland vs. Sandy Creek coming soon.

Ridgeland's first time in state championship final.

Jefferson winding down clock. Carrying coach off the field.

Jefferson takes possession near own 20.

Calhoun offensive pass interference. Loss of down plus 15 yard. Near 50 with less than 2 minutes left.

Calhoun takes over possession on own 30 with just over 2 minutes left.

Jefferson with little over 3 minutes left and inside Calhoun territory.

Jefferson consuming the clock. Under 6 minutes left and wearing down Calhoun defense.

Jefferson interception after deep pass.On own 25 with just over 8 minutes left.

Calhoun 4th and 10 near 50. Complete pass. Flag on play against Calhoun. Holding.

Unsportsmanlike conduct again Calhoun. Jefferson has first down on Calhoun 20.

Calhoun three and out deep in own territory. Late in 3rd qtr.

Jefferson scores on qb keeper!

Jefferson intercepts! Have it inside Calhoun 20.

Calhoun recovers fumble! Near own 40.

Calhoun touchdown on bomb pass! 75 yard td pass.

Calhoun interception! On own 20.

Calhoun punts. Jefferson on own 25.

Jefferson also punts. Calhoun on own 30.

Calhoun forced to punt from near the 50. Jefferson ball on own 17.

Calhoun starts from own 20.

3rd quarter ready to start. Stats-wise Jefferson way ahead of Calhoun

Half time. Jefferson up 21-7 over Calhoun.

Touchdown Jefferson off short run in.

1 min. left in 2nd qtr. Calhoun calls tiimeout.

Jefferson completion to tight end. On Calhoun 5.

Big Calhoun defensive stop. 4th down near Calhoun 23.

Jefferson timeout. Near Calhoun 20. Midway through 2nd qtr.

Long Jefferson complettion to Calhoun 27.

Holding penalty on Jefferson. Backs them to own 25.

Calhoun goes for it. Complete with a flag down. Against Calhoun. Receiver out of bounds but then made reception. Ends Calhoun's drive.

4th down for Calhoun on Jefferson 20.

Calhoun driving on Jefferson with big pass and running plays. Deep in Jefferson territory.

Jefferson score! QB scrambles for 4 yard td!.

Another big Jefferson rush to near Calhoun goal line.

Big Jefferson rush to Calhoun 30.

End of 1st qtr

Calhoun scores! Pass for td!

Fumble! Calhoun recovers on Jefferson 30.

Jefferson on own 20. Late 1st qtr.

Jefferson sack of Calhoun qb. 4th and long. Punting.

Another Calhoun penalty. Illegal procedure

Calhoun time out.

Holding penalty against Calhoun.

Calhoun in Jefferson red zone, near Jefferson 15

Calhoun near the Jefferson 35

Jefferson scores from short.

Long Jefferson pass complete on Calhoun's 4 yard line

Jefferson in the red zone. But holding call pushes them back.

Jefferson driving. On Calhoun 35

Jefferson starts on own 25

Jefferson gets the ball first

We have two of our ace reporters on the scene, Lindsey Young and Stephen Hargis. They'll be sending in tweets for our updates.

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