Chattanooga cuts back on green lighting bid

Chattanooga cuts back on green lighting bid

February 28th, 2012 by Cliff Hightower in Local - Breaking News

The Chattanooga City Council heard complaints today about a bid for street lighting that fell short of its original proposal.

Don Lepard, owner of Global Green Lighting, told council members he wanted his firm to be the first pick for installing new light-emitting diode lights within the city after his company won the original bid.

"What I'm asking for is a commitment," Lepard said.

Global Green Lighting, the company that put the LED lights up in Coolidge Park, won a bid to install 26,500 lights citywide. But city officials later came back and said they could not afford the price of replacing all city lights and scaled back to 5,500.

The cost of installing all 26,500 lights would be $18 million, Lepard said. But he projected the city would save about 75 percent annually on energy savings with the new lights. The council will talk further about the matter next week.

For more information, read tomorrow's edition of the Times Free Press.