Polling location changes

Polling location changes

June 13th, 2012 by Jennifer Bardoner in Local Regional News

Two names on this year's ballot for Signal Mountain government will be the same - Mayor Bill Lusk and Councilwoman Annette Allen have both filed to seek re-election - but the venue will be markedly different.

A third seat, that of Councilman Bill Wallace, will also be on the ballot, but no one else has registered for the race at this time.

Beginning with the state primary and county general elections Aug. 2, voters of both Signal Mountain precincts 1 and 2 will vote at Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church.

"We did what the workers asked us to do," said Administrator of Elections Charlotte Mullis-Morgan. "They've been asking for several years because there's no air [conditioning] up there and they're there 13, 14 hours a day. And there's not quite enough parking. The Presbyterian church welcomed us."

She noted that voters will not enter or even see the sanctuary as part of the voting process.

"I have heard from several disgruntled folks," said Vice Mayor Susan Robertson. "The town was never made aware of the [poll workers'] complaints or given the opportunity to address them. The town was only notified after the change had been proposed to the Election Commission board and voted upon. How can the Election Commission decide where the town will vote without consulting the town?"

Mullis-Morgan said protocol was upheld during the process.

"We don't have to ask," she said. "It's what we needed to do. If they don't like it then in 2014 we will think about moving it again."

Aside from the air-conditioning and parking issues, she said the polling location must be big enough to support both precincts and be located within Signal Mountain town limits. The Presbyterian church has "a huge area," she added.

Those considering seeking election to the Signal Mountain Town Council as well as the Walden Board of Mayor and Aldermen have until noon Aug. 16 to file candidacy papers. Those who would like to vote in either of those elections have until Oct. 9 to register to vote. Early voting will take place Oct. 17-Nov. 1, with the general elections on Nov. 6.

All three spots on the Walden board (currently held by Mayor Peter Hetzler, Vice Mayor Elizabeth Akins and Alderman David Epperson) will be up for grabs. No one has filed papers for that race yet.