Chattanooga: Erlanger begins seeing storm victims

Chattanooga: Erlanger begins seeing storm victims

March 2nd, 2012 by Joan Garrett McClane in Local - Breaking News

This is a part of the Erlanger campus as shown near downtown Chattanooga on Wednesday.

Photo by Tracey Trumbull/Times Free Press.

Erlanger Health System officials said the hospital's command center is open to coordinate treatment of patients injured in this morning's storms.

"We don't have a count but we are getting several adult patients," spokeswoman Susan Sawyer said.

Erlanger's LifeForce helicopters have been dispatched to bring patients in, she said.

The hospital has activated its protocol for disaster response to ensure adequate staff is in place, she added.

"We are ready. We monitor weather conditions. All antennas are up," Sawyer said.