Great meal, exciting show

Great meal, exciting show

Fuji Shallowford offers repeat diners VIP Rewards

May 6th, 2012 in Local Regional News

For three years, Fuji Steak and Sushi on Shallowford Road has entertained guests with highly trained chefs who prepare a selection of Japanese-style entrées that satisfy even the pickiest palate.

"Any kind of restaurant you go to they don't do entertaining like we do," says E.T. Kim, executive chef. "No other style entertains like the Japanese hibachi and sushi restaurants. We're all chefs, so of course the food has to be cooked well, but the show is a bonus and a lot of fun."

Whether it is a guest's birthday or simply their first time eating at a hibachi grill restaurant, the chefs make each dining experience memorable. But the show is only part of the evening. Kim says the restaurant is designed unlike other restaurants, with unique features like fountains and wall art to give all seats around the hibachi tables, in the traditional dining room or at the sushi bar a unique atmosphere.

Steak and chicken

Steak and chicken

Though onion volcanoes and tossed eggs are fun to watch, guests look forward to the finale, which is always a delicious meal.

"We do everything from scratch daily and use quality ingredients," says Kim, who has been a hibachi chef for 28 years and trains other chefs at Fuji. "I also make all the sauces: ginger dressing, teriyaki sauce, Yum Yum sauce and ranch dressing."

For guests at the hibachi grill, Fuji offers everything from New York strip steak to lobster and salmon. Those who want multiple choices can try the Sumo combination with New York strip, chicken and shrimp; The Marina with lobster tail, shrimp and scallops; or the Harakiri with filet mignon, shrimp, scallops and lobster tail. For vegetarian guests, Fuji's chefs can prepare a meatfree vegetable and tofu entrée.

"Our restaurant uses different sauces and so there are a variety of tastes," Kim says. "If you are eating steak you know you are eating the steak and if you eat shrimp you know you are eating shrimp."

The hibachi entrées are only a small section of the menu. The restaurant's sushi bar gives guests an opportunity to try the freshest slices of fish and vegetables in a variety of creative combinations.

The Kamikaze is a roll of shrimp, crab, cucumber and pickle wrapped with layers of salmon and served with spicy wasabi mayonnaise. The Shogun is a roll of salmon, avocado and crabmeat wrapped with layers of fresh tuna and served with ponzu sauce.



Specialty rolls include the Mango Crunch with shrimp tempura, salmon and fresh mango topped with avocado and tempura masago flakes. Sushi specials are available every Wednesday and Sunday with 50 percent off regular rolls. All day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, diners can order two rolls for $7.99 or three rolls for $10.99. Most guests can't get enough of Fuji's food, entertainment and sushi, so they choose to join the Fuji VIP Rewards program. The reward card allows diners to earn points for purchases: one point for every dollar, not including taxes or tips. One hundred points earns a $5 redemption certificate and guests can continue to save their Fuji dollars until they have enough to make the purchase of their choice.

LOCATION: 2207 Overnite Drive.

PHONE: 893-1993.

HOURS: Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 pm. and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.