One Soddy-Daisy spot going to the dogs

One Soddy-Daisy spot going to the dogs

May 10th, 2012 by Emily Crisman in Local Regional News

The city of Soddy-Daisy is again addressing complaints from residents related to neighbors keeping a large number of animals on city property. With Morningside Drive's goat issue now settled, the City Commission's new focus is a possible kennel operation by Angela Young which is a subject of concern for her neighbors on Miller Road.

Carlene Gooden-Quarles, who resides at 10209 Miller Road, reported during a recent meeting of the City Commission that Young is breaking ground on a new training and boarding facility for dogs.

"Her dogs bark 24 hours a day," said Miller Road resident Carl Gooden at the meeting. "She has come in and destroyed this neighborhood."

Gooden-Quarles said Young has at least 18 dogs already on the premises, including 14 German Shepherds and four Alaskan Malamutes. In addition to the adult dogs, she said Young also has two litters of new pups.

She showed commissioners copies of a Facebook page set up for the business which she said she had made for the commission before the page could be removed.

"I wouldn't want my children out in the yard," said Commissioner Shane Harmon, after asking Gooden-Quarles if she was afraid of her neighbor's dogs.

Since the property is located in an agricultural zone, City Attorney Sam Elliott said a kennel could legally be operated there and the city had no grounds to deny the owner a business license. The issue would be with the zoning of the property, he said.

"The stench and the noise is unbearable," said Gooden-Quarles, adding that the dogs are kept 20-30 feet from her bedroom window.

"We've received complaints from people in that area before," said City Manager Hardie Stulce.

He said Young recently acquired a building permit for a detached garage, specifying the structure would be used to store a boat and camper.

"She's doing this to hope to get forgiveness later," said Gooden.

He also complained of the methods used by Young to dispose of her animal waste.

"She puts dog litter and horse litter into the branch," he said. "She's got a field line dug."