USPS payment not a taxpayer burden and other letters to the editors

USPS payment not a taxpayer burden and other letters to the editors

May 12th, 2012 in Local Regional News

USPS payment not a taxpayer burden

Recently the U.S. Senate passed legislation that would enable the United States Postal Service to maintain its current level of service. It is hoped that the House of Representatives will do the same. The service provided by the USPS is of vital importance to both citizens and business in this great country.

In your recent editorial of May 9, "Going nowhere fast," it is suggested that legislation passed by the Senate is a "bailout" for the USPS to the tune of some $11 billion. Nothing could be further from the truth! Should this legislation become law, this payment of $11 billion would be a repayment back to the USPS of monies that were prepaid into its retirees health and benefits fund as required in legislation passed in 2006. This requirement has forced the USPS to pay some $5.5 billion annually into this fund. It is the only government agency with such a requirement.

Are you aware the USPS receives no taxpayer support? Revenue that the USPS generates comes strictly from sales of stamps and delivery services. The monies for the prepayments came from these sources. The repayment is money that the USPS should be entitled to and would not be a taxpayer burden.


Secretary, APWU Area Local 192

Enemies laughing at U.S. war policy

I can sense al-Qaida and the Taliban laughing at our Afghanistan policies as they relates to the war for the following reasons:

1. Who would place all kinds of restrictions on our combat military men and women expecting a good outcome?

2. Who in their right mind would announce a withdrawal date in the middle of a war?

3. What person, who has no military experience, would reject the recommendations of their generals?

4. Who on our side would possibly think they could negotiate with al-Qaida or the Taliban?

5. What intelligent person would release dangerous al-Qaida prisoners thinking that it would facilitate peace?

6. What reasonable person would announce "The war on terrorism is over!" when we still have troops dying in Afghanistan every day?

7. Who, besides an inexperienced leader, would order the troops home before the job is done?

8. What person thinks that eliminating Osama bin Laden would end the war in Afghanistan?

9. What clear-thinking person thinks that Hamid Karzai is our ally?

Some Americans have been hoodwinked into believing that our inexperienced, nonmilitary leaders know the solutions that will bring peace to this region. If you feel this way, I suggest you get your head out.


Signal Mountain

Mayfield's refusal to debate wrong

The ability for candidates to stand before an audience or cameras and articulate their views on why they are seeking an office and what they would do if elected is something voters deserve. In my view, refusing to join other candidates in a debate format is a disqualification for office.

Scottie Mayfield has spent his life in front of cameras, but now he refuses to join in any debate.

It is a staggering realization that Mr. Mayfield entered a race for a seat in Congress with no idea of why he is running and what he specifically would do as our congressman. He is turning his back on the voters, yet still asking for their vote.

I would love to see all the candidates on stage numerous times discussing the issues. Mr. Fleischmann is a seasoned trial lawyer and clearly has no fear of debate. Mr. Wamp and Mr. Bhalla understand what Mr. Mayfield clearly does not, and that is a challenger should seek every opportunity to stand before voters and win the day based on ideas and the ability to think on one's feet. Mr. Mayfield, step up to the podium.


Turtletown, Tenn.

Don't tolerate USPS ineptness

The Times Free Press May 9 editorial regarding the problems with the U.S. Postal Service was right on. May I add, however, the word "Service" has become a misnomer.

My recent experience with the way the USPS has mishandled my forwarded mail leads me to believe "the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing." It has become quite evident they can't even follow their own established rules and procedures, at least when it comes to forwarding mail for home delivery. Unfortunately, no U.S. Postal Service employee I've spoken with seems to be able to offer a legitimate explanation.

In the past five months, I've been forced to file two official complaints in order to get my mail sent to the correct address. And, yes, I did provide the USPS with the appropriate notification of change of address forms.

Closing post offices and reducing mail delivery to five days isn't going to improve the way mail is improperly handled. Why should taxpayers have to foot the bill for further USPS incompetence and mismanagement?


Same-sex union not an inaliable right

I write this letter because of my love for this country and because of what our vice president said on national television (May 6).

Vice President Joe Biden is openly advocating same-sex marriage, and political talking heads are pontificating about President Obama "openly" promoting homosexual marriage if re-elected.

This is an open letter to all moral-minded people living in a freedom-loving country. It is self-evident that all men are "created" equal. All men are endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights.

Homosexuals have inalienable rights, as do heterosexuals, but neither have rights not endowed by their Creator.

Government is established as the Creator's agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrong-doer, Romans 13:4 NIV, but in our 21st century, convoluted American world, homosexual marriage is becoming an inalienable right and anyone opposing is a wrong-doer.

Our president made this statement, "Elections have consequences." Think about it.

To my fellow Americans and fellow human beings, this letter is written with no malice in my heart. You may not believe in God but never forget God believes in you!


Flintstone, Ga.

Sheriff's personnel very informative

On behalf of the Olde Mill Lane neighborhood, I would like to give a sincere thank-you to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office for introducing our area of Hamilton County to the Neighborhood Watch program.

There are several deputies and detectives in particular who gave up their time to give us information that will keep us safer. Detective Hank Ritter, Detective Robin Langford, Deputy Thad Robards and Chief Allen Branum were informative and thorough in detailing the crime in the area and explaining how we could better thwart the criminals. They brought a lot of great materials with them, along with a beautiful new sign for the entrance to our cul-de-sac.

I would also like to thank Commissioner Mitch McClure, who attended despite a very heavy schedule, and give special thanks to Shannon Wilson, who coordinates the Neighborhood Watch program for the sheriff's department. Everyone was professional and helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

If your neighborhood is not involved in this program, you need to call the sheriff's department and find out how to get involved today. We all need to watch out for each other.