Summer Sophistication

Summer Sophistication

May 31st, 2012 by Kim Coulter in Local Regional News

Suit Up!

Yes, it's that time of the year that most of us dread...Swimsuit Season! However, don't dread bathing suit shopping this summer. Why? Because you can find the latest suits to make your body look its absolute best right here in Chattanooga. Our local stores are ready for you to suit up in their latest, ultra-chic swimwear.


1) Decide on a look that you want before you go shopping. Do you want to look glamorous, cute, trendy or athletic? Maybe you need several suits - one for the pool with the kids and another one for an exotic vacation with your sweetheart. Also think about a color that you really want to wear.

2) The quality of the material is just as important as the look of your suit. Your swimwear needs to hold its shape throughout the summer. If the material is not good quality, then the suit will become saggy.

3) Know your body type. What is your shape? I have an athletic build. While I love one-piece bathing suits, I know that these suits are not flattering on me because of my super long torso, however, tankinis and two-pieces work much better for my shape.

4) For those of you who have larger chests, try suits with halter-tops. For medium and smaller sizes have fun with triangle and bandeau tops. Bandeaus may work for larger busts as long as the top fits well.

5) Be cognizant of stripes in any type of suit. While vertical stripes lengthen your torso, they can be unflattering if they hit your tummy in the wrong area.

6) Look for bathing suits with ruching, which is extremely flattering while hiding flaws in our problem areas.

7) Stay away from loud prints. If you want to be chic, try navy, black, red or striped suits and accessorize with bold jewelry, bags and fun wedges. If you want to be more playful, then go ahead and wear bright colors such as green, purple, fuchsia or orange. Ombre suits are very trendy this season. And with the darker color usually on the bottom they are extremely slimming.

8) Color blocking has really made it to swimwear. So if you see a combination that you love, then dive right in.

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